Italia in 2018! Who’s in?

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I spent a college semester in a small town in Italy — and that is where I truly tasted food for the first time. — Alton Brown


Just a quick blast so you can start planning your 2018 Italian adventure with Travel the Write Way!

We are planning two tours next year — as always, one in the Spring and one in the Fall. Both will feature optional journal writing exercises for those who want to better capture their travel experiences.

While dates and details are not available yet (but will be forthcoming by the summer), here’s something to think about:

May 2018


Rome & Abruzzo in the Springtime

Spend 4 nights in Rome, the Caput Mundi, the center of the universe. We’ll enjoy at least one food tour, a wine tasting experience and lots of time to see the city of Fellini. Be transformed by this place that is both ancient and modern, sacred and profane.

Then we’ll drive east, to the city of Ovid — Sulmona — where we’ll spend 4 nights in the heart of the Abruzzo region. We’ll have wine tastings, an olive oil experience, a cooking class, and visits to several nearby hill towns. We will eat and drink exceedingly well here in the heart of the Valle Peligna, and you’ll feel like a local by the time you leave.



October 2018

Piazza Garibaldi: Sulmona among the mountains

Le Marche & Abruzzo Food & Harvest Tour

We’ll begin with a 3-night stay at a secluded (and now very famous) agriturismo near Urbania in the Marche, about 4 hours from Rome. Private cooking class and truffle hunting included. It’s a great introduction to this wild and wonderful part of bella italia. Heck, you might even see a cinghiale!

Then we’ll head down to the Abruzzo, where the beautiful city of Sulmona will be our base for 5 nights. After visiting the highest ruined castle in the Apennines, walking through the town where Madonna’s family hails from, checking out the silver filigree in a city made prosperous by the wool trade and touring and tasting at the oldest winery in Abruzzo, you’ll still have time to relax, eat well and bring home lots of memories. And don’t forget the confetti!


There’s something for all Italophiles, foodies and wine lovers on these trips — punctuated (no pun intended) by an optional opportunity to do some writing to capture the moments.

Think about Italy in 2018 and join us!

Buon viaggio!


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