Tour Feedback: What my travelers say




Umbria 2014 Adventure

 “I am so happy my introduction to Italy was this trip. Thank you both for such a relaxing, fun-filled week.” Melissa

 “I rate this trip a 10. When you have an adventure and it unfolds into something so above your expectations, it deserves the finest. You delivered way above ‘Can we do this again?’ For me it’s ‘WHEN can we do this again?’” — Marthe

 “Not too hot, not too cold . . . just right!” — Jerry



Adventures in Abruzzo 2015

 “I had a BLAST! The tour was well organized and allowed both structured time and free time.  The participants were generally familiar with one another (which I found to be a PLUS).  That, of course, is the luck of the draw. The tour guide, Linda Jenkins, has made some great contacts with people in the local community so there was a fair amount of interaction with the ‘natives’ — also a PLUS. Hey, go on, take a risk — I think you’ll find that it was worth it.”  — Tom

 “My husband and I are not tour people, but tour with Linda we do!  Linda puts together intimate tours with people who become your forever friends.  Her tours are fun filled, active but not overly so. She takes you to the ‘real Italy’ and introduces you to ‘real Italians’ and to ‘real regional Italian foods’.  Once you go on one of Linda’s tours, you’ll never stop.” — Vicky


img_5582Cucina Abruzzese Tour, May 2016

“The subject line in the email from my daughter read “We’re going to Sulmona!” Diane had just booked us with Linda Jenkins for her upcoming 
tour with Travel the Write Way. This was our mother daughter 
trip celebrating a milestone birthday for Diane. We were so excited to be going and something we had talked about for several years and now the time for us to leave was nearly here.

“Linda’s tours are unlike any other tours. It is a personally planned 
event, a small and intimate group of people. Linda, and her delightful 
husband Tim, introduce you to their friends, many are local people who 
have lived most of their lives in Sulmona and are happy to open their 
homes and hearts to you. You feel an instant bond with them and their 
very special place in Italy.

“Imagine waking each morning and looking out your window to see the 
majestic mountains that encircle lovely Sulmona. Imagine every day as 
an ‘adventure’ as you head out to visit the oldest and highest fortress 
in central Italy. Imagine the wineries and the tastings you will be 
having, sitting at a beautiful table with linens and china complete with 
delicious cheeses, salami, bread and even a frittata or a sweet made by 
‘Mama’. You don’t get this treatment at the wineries here in the 
states. Did I mention the olive oil tasting? Ah, something else for 
you to look forward to! I won’t give it all away as there is so much more.

“We looked forward to our nightly strolls through the streets of Sulmona, 
the passeggiata. A simple thing but so enjoyable to be out with the 
local people, looking in shop windows, perhaps stopping for a glass of 
wine or a gelato. You may even purchase a little something special such 
as beautiful bed linens as I did. And if you are lucky you may even spot 
a sale on Armani suits and purchase one!

“We have been home for nearly a month now and there is not a day that 
goes by when I don’t recall a special moment from our trip with Linda 
and Tim. I just smile and think how lucky we were to have ‘been there 
and done that’. Please go, you won’t regret it! Grazie Linda and Tim! Amore.” — Anne