Linda_Dini_JenkinsWhen I’m missing Italy — which is whenever I’m not there — it helps to surround myself with Italian things. A fresh fig, for instance, can keep me going for days.

Linda Dini Jenkins is a freelance business writer who has been writing poetry and stories and putting on plays with her friends for as long as she can remember. Travel is her passion, so writing stories about her travels just comes naturally.

In addition to Up at the Villa: Travels with my Husband, Linda is also the author of Journey of a Returning Christian: Writing Into God and has been published widely in literary magazines and anthologies.

Her travel stories have appeared in Dream of Italy newsletter, Richmond Times-Dispatch, Healthcare Traveler and Home and Away.

A native New Yorker, Linda now lives in Salem, Massachusetts with her husband, Tim, and Maxine, the Wonder Dog.

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